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Last Sunday was International Women’s Day. In checking up on the history of the event, I discovered that its first observation was in 1909 in New York – organized by the Socialist Party of America. Socialists and Communists continued the commemorations for many years with strikes and sometimes days off for women. It wasn’t until […]


In May of 1966, Marie Anderson, women’s editor of the Miami Herald, received a letter from an angry reader. It began politely enough (“Dear Miss Anderson”) then moved quickly to the point: It is people like yourself who are making it so easy for the government to take over even the smallest details of our […]


I’ve been pretty busy lately. I’m commuting between Tacoma, Washington and Phoenix for my final semester of teaching at ASU. I’m in the middle of my term as editor for a major journal in the communication discipline. I’m working with five doctoral students as they take their comprehensive exams and write dissertations. I’m preparing for […]

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U.S. newspaper headlines on January 13, 2015 were about continuing investigations into the terrorist attack at Charlie Hedbo office, about the dim prospect for immigration reform, and about early political maneuvering in the 2016 presidential race. My personal headlines for the day were a bit different. “Kathy turns 56 today.” “First day of final teaching […]


On Christmas night 70 years ago, my father sat down at a typewriter to write a letter to his family in Illinois. The heading reads “Somewhere in France – Via Battalion Typewriter.” I know now that Dad was in the Alsace Lorraine region of France, housed in large “barnlike structures” at Camp Oberhoffen, an old […]

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The January 1, 1956 edition of The Bulletin of the American Society of Newspaper Editors was dedicated to “Women in Journalism.” A full page was given to an article written by Thomas Collins, the feature editor of the Chicago Daily News with the headline “There are Ladies Present” and the subhead, “(Being an account of […]

Mom Dad Beach with Santa

During the last few years of my mother’s life, one of the most important set of tasks on her year-end to-do list was to be sure that the Christmas letter was dictated, formatted, and photocopied; that “the list” was as up-to-date as possible; and that festive holiday stamps were purchased for the mass mailing. In […]


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